Cancellation policy & Fees

Terms and conditions of stay

We thank you for your patronage and trust you observe the following information

  1. Check In and check out

Check in is after 2pm with Check Out no later than 11am unless agreed upon by management

2. Additional guests

You MUST NOT allow additional guests to occupy the property in excess of the number of guests specified in your booking details and agreed to by us. Should the number of persons occupying the property exceed those agreed upon, the owner will terminate your occupation without notice or refund.

3. Cleaning charges

While cleaning services are included in your rates, guests are responsible for all extra cleaning charges in the event that the property is left in a state that requires more than reasonable cleaning, including stained linen & towels.

4. Smoking or use of plug in diffusers or incense in any Cottage is not allowed and will incur contracted cleaning fees as required (from $100 to $600+).

5. Damage charges           

You are expected to leave the property in the state in which you found it on arrival and any breakages or losses must be reported immediately to us.

While we do not usually require reimbursement for minor accidental damage or normal wear and tear, the total cost of making good any other damage or loss to the property, garden, lawns or contents will be charged to you.

6. The owners of the property are not liable to you for loss or damage of any personal belongings while you occupy the property.

7. Inappropriate use of property or goods therein, unlawful behaviour, drug use, violence, excessive noise or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of your occupation without refund.

8. It is the guest’s responsibility to follow all COVID-19 laws and guidelines as issued by the state & federal authorities. This includes any & all relevant travel permits and testing requirements. If you are traveling from an Orange or Red Zone, you must provide your travel permit at the time of booking.

9. We CANNOT provide quarantine or isolation stays regardless of duration. If you require an isolation stay whilst waiting for COVID-19 test results, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately & to find alternate quarantine hotel accommodation.

10. Your occupation of the property may be terminated by us without notice or refund in the event that you breach any material term or condition or in the event that any amount due is not paid.   

By proceeding with your booking you are agreeing to all Terms & Conditions of Stay and Cancellation Policies of Brigadoon Cottages.